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Open Letter to the Lost
We are a lost generation of digital people living in an age where truth has gone the alternative way of rumor, social good has become secondary to economic gain, beauty is defined by photoshop, and prejudice and injustice have become the voices of our generation. 

We have never needed Bob Dylan & Maya Angelou style voices more than we do today; voices of resistance, of human rights and equality, voices that resist injustice and stand up for the hopeless, the helpless, and the voiceless. Great art has purpose. 

— Lost Poets
Articles for the Revolution
Rules for Membership
1. No Hate
2. Be Love
3. Resist Injustice
Our Beat
Lost Poets is a private collective of artists dedicated to the idea that great art has purpose.

It empowers a global subculture of modern poets to make impact through mass distributed anthology books, national publicity campaigns and global forums, working in partnership with major publishers, partners and distributors.

Lost Poet's first project is an anthology book, published by the world's leading name in poetry, Andrews McMeel. It curates the global modern poetry subculture into one single timeless volume.

Each member of Lost Poets is empowered with private educational forums and an impact starter kit, that helps artists learn to live sustainably from their art and make real impact on a world in desperate need of it.


Analog (Chris P.)
Co-Founder, Poet, Revolutionary
Gabriel Sage
Co-Founder, Poet, Troubadour
Ana Rold
Impact Advisor
Editor-in-Chief, G8 & G20
Gregg Latterman
Business Advisor
Founder Aware Records (i.e. John Mayer)
Vivi Dale
Events Director, Poet
Amy Purifoy
Art Director, Artisan
Owner, Wonder Twins Lab
Dave Yaden
Culture Advisor
4 Time Grammy Winner
Fiorella Giordano
Vision Advisor, Poet
Founder, Eighth Ocean
Gayl Murphy
Media Advisor
Legendary Rock Journalist
Jimmy Steal
Radio & Brand Advisor
Program Director, Power 106
John Lenac
Business Advisor
Fmr Global Yahoo! Director
Raquel Franco
Edu Director, Poet